Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Inanimate Alice

To Support this post I have used a Blog created and added to my Weebly Space.  Weebly is a free and easy to use website creation toolkit that can be found at www.weebly.com.   For E safety reasons you may not want your students to have free access to a space such as this, so you could set up a class blog or weebly space, based around articles and posts created by students in oher tools such as a wordprocessor, adding their completed texts by copy and paste. 

Some VLEs contain blogging tools, and these could be used to structure students work in class and beyond school encouraging the creation of a similar diary, based on their in school and independent engagement with Alice's story. If your schoool uses a Google Domain then the students could create or use part of their existing Google Site to engage with the adventures of Alice instead.  They might enjoy working empathetically as Alice, or creating posts based on the stories working from the perspective of a friend, reporting Alice's adventures and their feelings. 

The Stories have strong geographical connections, that could be extended to develop mini projects about each location, perhaps using Hypelinked PowerPoints or tools such as 2Create a Super Story Rough Guides could be developed for Alice.

Storybird among other tools has been used by students in Scotland to create and publish their own Alice adventures.  What would an Alice Story look like, sound like if she visited Bristol?  How would you use Inanimate Alice?


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