Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Print Screen: A Misunderstood Technique

The Print Screen Key can be found just to the right of the F12 key on your keyboard.  It is the key to capturing those images that you can't get by right click and copy and save target or image as.  The technique involved in using Print Screen is perhaps one of Window's best kept secrets, for anyone who has never had to make an ICT worksheet, or gather screen based evidence, but in the collect, store, prepare and share process is an essential user tool.

When the printscreen <prt scr> button on the keyboard is pressed, what ever is visible on your monitor is copied to the PCs clipboard.

Opening a graphics package for example Microsoft Paint, what has been captured can be pasted as a new image, placing the entire contents of the screen infront of you to be edited and manipulated.

For most purposes you will only need small and very particular areas of  this image.  These can then be selected and cropped to leave only the area that you need.   The image can now be resized and saved in a web friendly or more compressed format to save you space, eg as gif or jpg file.

YouTube uses a video format called "Flash Video." Print screen and paste is the ideal technique for capturing scenes from these videos.  Pausing the movie, and using print screen and paste, allows direct capture, cropping and saving of scenes from these movies that can then be used in a wide array of environments to support the creation of teaching and learning resources.

Once you have the images.....  The world is our Onion! 

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