Video Sources and Starting Points

Video Sources

Downloading videos from You Tube
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A Few Favourites as Starting Points

YouTube - Bert - Moon Sung Lee
Animated story, dialogue free narrative. Great for multimodal reading actvities and talk for writing. Previous Post Spot the Inference

YouTube - Kiwi! - Don Permedi
Another great dialogue free narrative. Suggested uses by visitors include support for framing y5 narrative units either alongside or instead of the piano.
Links to previous Post: Kiwi by Don Permedi

YouTube - Geri's Game From Pixar
Another useful story for prediction, inference, freeze framing and discussing feelings from Pixar

YouTube - Mike's New Car From Pixar
Some fantastic moments in this movie for freezeframing, discussing thoughts and feelings through exagerated gesture? Just what was going through Sully's mind before he replied to Mike's question? What did he realy think about his new car?

YouTube - DIVX version of Birds Short from Pixar
Not entirely dialogue free but what what might be being said? Just what is going on here? How do the  characters respond to each other and the arrival of the larger bird? What do the small birds think of him, and how de we know? Can we create a sense of atmosphere, using clues from action and gesture? What might a human voice over for this film sound like?

YouTube - Michael Dudok De Wit - The Monk and the Fish
A dialogue free narrative, useful for talking about the structure of film, scene setting and camera shots, framing and angle. See reference on Teachers'TV
Reading Film: The Lesson
Reading Film: The Monk and The Fish

You Tube - Store Wars A parody packed with puns and a possible in for developing persuasive and discursive writing in a range of media,  Presenting one side of an argument through a familiar story it also offers opportunities to explore bias. How might the story look or be told from the "dark Side?"  You might want to check out some of the other animated features, created by Free Range Studios be sure to check through to ensure they are suitable to your audience before use however. 

The Shirt Machine By Jon Davis.  The Lancashire Grid For Learning site has a suggested plan for developing work around the video, linked to a framework for Primary Literacy's longer unit structure.


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