Freeware and Open Source Tools

Freeware Image Editors

Podcasting/Audio Editing
  • Audacity
  • Voki For Education
  • Cdex this tool can be used to extract sound and audio from a CD in MP3 and wav formats.  Be aware of esafety issues such as copyright and intellectual property rights if you intend to publish student outcomes involving sound tracks or music using this tool.

Video creation and Editing Tools

Comic Strip Creator
Animation Software
  • Jellycam Stop Motion Animation tool, a webcam or digital camera can be used to capture frames.  Create your animation as a sequence of scenes, exporting these to be combined in a tool such as MovieMaker to complete your movie.
  • Pivot Stick Animator Essentially an onscreen flick book, again sections of a story can be compiled as scenes, and saved as animated gif files (animated images).  Each gif file can be brought together in a tool such as moviemaker and sequenced to tell your story.
Other Useful/interesting Open Source and Freeware Tools
Control Environments (Computer Game Design and Make)
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Substitutes for MS Office Products
  • Open an open source alternative to Microsoft Office.  Presenter is Open Office's equivalent of Powerpoint.